How to be confident? – Tips and tricks by #BAteam.

“Cantiknya kamu, yakinnya kamu”

Ha siapa yang teringat ayat ni dikatakan oleh Ustaz Hamadi disedutan cerita #Nur2?

Tetapi, selain dari kita ingatkan apa yang diperkatakan Ustaz Hamadi, untuk berasa cantik dan yakin adalah 2 perkara yang wanita inginkan. Macam mana nak rasa yakin dengan diri sendiri ni? Atau, “how to be confident” is one of a question that mostly being asked by us, women.

Bila menjelang Ramadhan ni, pastinya ramai yang berazam nak kuruskan badan sempena Raya nanti kan? *high five! We’re on the same page.

However, we should always be confident with ourselves. Because, in this whole world, there’s only ONE you. People could not imitate you or be you other than yourself and that’s special. All of us want to be only for us, right? We want our partner to only loves us; we want our Baju Raya to be custom made just for us, right? So, here we are in this world, Allah gave only us to live and to be ourselves. There are only 1 you. Okay, back to the question “How to be confident?” well, it’s not easy. No doubt. Some might take years, some might take only a day.

But what’s the first step? Firstly;

  1. We MUST accept who we are.

You’re chubby? That’s fine. You’re tanned? That’s fine. Because that’s the trend now! Hihi. We need to accept ourselves, before we expect people to accept us. Okii? 😉

  1. Wear what you’re confident and comfortable with.

Fashion is hard. Some people would ignore their comfy as long as it’s fashionable. But for me personally, I chose comfy than fashion because we can make our style comfortable and stylish. Oh! Not to forget, as for the first step, you can chose to wear your favourite colour too. I would definitely chose Black over anything! (Tips: Slowly, you can move to other colours, just to make sure you’re out from your comfort zone)

  1. (This step is kinda crucial. But why not.) Start to follow social media accounts that influence you to be positive.

Why this step? Because we spend most of our time on social media. So, our brain are easily influenced by what we have been exposed by daily. Slowly, you’ll be more positive towards yourself. Slowly but surely, remember okay.

  1. Take a step out from your comfort zone.

Personally, this is hardest. We tend to stay in our own comfort zone. We started to feel comfortable with how we are right now. But trust me, once we’re out from our comfort zone, we’ll be confident with ourselves. (Tips: try to be opposite from what we are. Eg: If we usually use plain for our outfit, so, try to use pattern once in a week. Or try something bold just like our Merak Kebarung or Merpati Kurung. Hihi. Hope it help!)

  1. Okay, for the last steps that we can share is, to stop comparing.

Being confident is not by physical look only but also by our mental state. We should stop comparing our life with others. “Pictures can be deceiving is one of the quotes that I would always hold on to. So should you! Do not trust pictures, but trust yourself.

So, we hope that these tips can help you a bit on how to be confident with yourself. Believe in yourself, okay.

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