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Tips and tricks on wearing a hijab.

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Salah satu tuntutan dalam agama untuk wanita adalah untuk menutup aurat dengan sempurna. But no doubt, wearing a hijab can be one of the most tricky and challenging part. But worry not! We got you covered!

  • Know your goal (For the sake of Allah SWT)

First of all, the most important thing is to know your actual goal of wearing a hijab and remember, the goal must not other than for the sake of Allah. When you know your actual goal, it’ll get easier for you. Trust me!

  • Know the material

And then, the most crucial part is, to know the material of your hijab, how to style it and which will suits you better. Take baby steps! Personally, I started with a ‘bawal’ hijab. ‘Cause you know, easier. Pin it and you’re done! But slowly, I started to know my actual style, knowing the material and my own face shape (girl, this is important!).

  • Know your face shape

Knowing your face shape is important because it’ll make it easier for you to know on how to style your hijab. Well, let’s be honest here okay? Not ALL materials and style will suits you. I know, the trends, peer pressure bla bla bla.. and the list goes on.. but trust me, pet. Not ALL style will suits you (Well if you’re lucky enough, you’ll suits in everything.) (Urgh, every girls dream, ain’t it) but worry not, all women are beautiful. Fullstop.

If you’re reading this, you’re one step ahead on improving yourself and that’s good! I wish you the very best and hope this post can help you a lil bit (hope so..)

p/s: Don’t forget to try our Bella Ammara hijab too! The material.. you’ll gonna love it. Pinky promise 😉

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