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Hello everyone!

I assume all of you started the normal daily routine, right? Those who are working might resume their work after a week off for Eid, am I right? Okay, as usual, it’s time where we will be busy for open house invitations from colleagues, close friends or maybe we will conduct for an open house for our friends. Especially for our readers, we will share a few tips to maintain our diet or keeping us healthy throughout this months. (Raya kan sebulan :p)

First thing first, a detox drink is a must! It can be as simple as a slice of lemon with warm water! If you need some sweet in it, you can always add honey. But honey, we only use honey. Not sugar okay, honey? :p Lemon drink can help for our digestive system apart from it can help to reduce our cholesterol level as eliminate toxics in our body. So, drink a lot of lemon water okay pretty J

During Eid, we surely ate a lot of Rendang, Raya cookies and cakes, carbonated drinks and more! So, there’s a huge amount of sugar intake there right? Now it’s time to flush it out with plenty of plain water and make sure we go to the toilet frequently okay. This is to ensure our body restores the nutrients and discard all the bad junks.

Lastly, let’s start to sweat. Sweat it off because most of us break the rules of diet, right hehe but it’s fine. Once in a year, they said.

But guess that’s it for blog post today! Jom sama-sama bersemangat untuk improve diri kita 😉 


-BA Team


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