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Matching tips!

Hello everyone and assalamualaikum!

How are you? I hope you’re doing just fine. Okay, as mentioned at the title, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks in matching our daily outfit. One of the most crucial things to ‘play’ when it comes to fashion or style is definitely colours. We NEED to pay extra attention on colours. Why? This is why;

Because one mistake in choosing the perfect colour could allow our whole style gone bad. We don’t want to look like an eggplant when we wear green scarf with a purple dress or line a carrot when we wears orange from top to bottom. That’s is a major no no. Okay #BAlovers?

Okay now move on to the tips. I read this tips in an article, which was a tip in choosing the perfect colour for our scarf. It stated there that we can go for colour blocking but, not that ‘blocks’ till our fashion goes wrong.

We usually matches our scarf with pants or skirts, however, it might look a little awkward. Hence, instead of matching it with our bottoms, match it with our top! If we don’t have a colour that truly matches to our top, we can always go for a colour that in the same colour palettes. As an example, if you wears red top but does not have a red scarf, you can match it with a maroon scarf or even pink because maroon and pink are in the same colour palettes. Smart, right?

However, if your top is in white in colour and it’s plain, then you can match your scarf with the colour of your bottoms because if we wears white top with a white scarf, it’ll look odd. Oh! One last tip, we can always match our scarf with the colour of our outerwear. It’ll match nicely.

Plus, you can always refer to Pinterest for the suitable colour palettes 😉



So, I guess that’s it for the tips today! We hope that we can be in any help for you to match your top and scarf.


Till then, – BA team


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