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Home Uncategorized Tudung Bawal atau Shawl?

Tudung Bawal atau Shawl?

Tudung bawal atau shawl yang mana pilihan hati?


As a hijabi, choosing the write hijab for our face shape are crucial. Some of us might look suitable with ‘bawal or some of us might looks suits with a shawl. However, there are also some lucky women that suit both! Urgghh, I envy that! But, who’s not, right?

But worry not; BA team got your back. There are few of tricks that we can it with all of you readers. Hint: these tips are for both ‘bawal wearer and shawl.

Okay, firstly for bawal lovers, I saw in this one video where she wears bawal perfectly and she even provide a draping service for brides that wears bawal. Can you imagine that and can you imagine how perfect her bawal is? Back to the tips that we wanted to share, to wears bawal is not to make your face look full. Instead, the tips that I learnt was, the awning should be in parallel with your nose. I was surprised that she even measures the awning using a ruler! (But I’ve tried it personally and it works!). That was to ensure that the awning wouldn’t be to showing of your forehead and vise versa.

Moving to the second tips for a shawl wearer. Well, to be honest, most of shawl wearer will looks perfectly on them. This is more likely because of shawls are able to make you look neat and also, you can style it in various styles. But, the crucial parts in handling shawl are the drapes. It is important to make sure the drapes are perfectly neat.

Last but not least, wearing either shawl or bawal, it is important to stay neat. Okay? Meanwhile you’re here, lets check on our newly released bawal, Bawal Darlina 1.0 which is in Cotton Rubycorn material. :p


Till then,

BA team.

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