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Tips for a good flatlay

How to take a good flatlay.

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Firstly, what is a flatlay?

“A flat lay is a picture taken from a birds eye view of a collection of items laid out on a flat surface”. Usually, flat lay is a picture that you mainly focuses on your product and accompanied by other props to complement it.

However, taking a good flatlay can be very crucial. We will share with you few tips to take a good flat lay. (Because, it’s kind of a trend now. Right?)


  • Get inspired

You can always find your inspirations through Google or Pinteres. Pinterest is the best social media platform to get inspired. You can search you inspiration according to your preferences.

Moving on to the second tips,

  • Use only basic backgrounds.

You can start with a white blank backgrounds and this will help the colour of your products to pops! With white backgrounds, you can include various colours to make it colourful. Because, we know, we always will attract to colours. But, it is also important that the chosen colour suits best with the main product. This is to ensure that the viewers are not in confusion about the product that you wish to highlight.

The third tip is:

  • Assemble your props.

Collect as many as potential props for your flat lay and then, assemble it according to your preferred theme. Once you have assembled the props needed, you will slowly discover the perfect picture of your flat lay.

Lastly, don’t ever afraid of try and errors! Plus, remember, practice makes perfect. Good luck for trying and have a nice day! <3


BA team.

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