Get luxury yet minimum and simple look BAimonds Jubah. Flatter your feminity with A-cut jubah. Ironless and stretchable jubah by using a custom made luxury glitter cotton lycra material


The ever-classic mainstay in every man’s wardrobe. Go for manly Baju Melayu with the best fabric and ‘Butang Keris Emas’ so far!

BA Kids

This is the best time to done the matchy matchy outfits between father/son and mother/daughter. Same colour and same design for kids never fails you in this Aidilfitri.

Seri Bella

“Seri Hari Ini, Seri Selamanya”

Using advance formula and natural ingredients,it manage to help you for radiant and whitening skin booster.

Sugarbelle Cosmetics

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BAkini is designed to protect the modesty of Muslim women. It is fully cover, quick drying and easy to handle during water activities