A collection that must amaze every eye that looks, it’s worth to have if you’re looking for something agelessly beauty and extraordinary during Hari Raya.



The ever-classic mainstay in every man’s wardrobe. Go for manly Baju Melayu with the best fabric and ‘Butang Keris Emas’ so far!


BA Kids

This is the best time to done the matchy matchy outfits between father/son and mother/daughter. Same colour and same design for kids never fails you in this Aidilfitri.



If you a Lace and Satin lover, these collections must be yours for Raya. De’borah and Melissandre are dazzling and glittering to perfection.


A must have collections, named BellaQuee’n, Dae’nerys and Mirce’ila which is symbolic to Bella Ammara that very well known from its Jubah. These most wanted collections come with iconic looks and royale touches.


Joae’nna, Le’Norah and Rafe’lla. Beautiful as its name, they are made of high quality fabrics and finishing. Definitely an amazing and fabulous look will appear on you.